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Notary Public/ Certified Signing Agents

We have Notaries that are professional and licensed by the State of Florida.  We always have a notary available for your needs during our office hours and mobile after hours.  Rest assured that we will respond quickly and effectively.  You can trust us with the following: Loan documents,trusts, living trust, divorce decree, affidavits, power of attorneys, wills, bank forms, refinancing & mortgages, marriage licenses, Inspections, and much more!

Your privacy is our priority.

Our Notaries are mobile and available 7 days a week for your convinience.

Our Mobile Notaries go to your:

Home, Office, Job, School, Hospital, Nursing Home, Courthouse

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Apostille/ Certification of Documents Service


If you need to authenticate your document to take it into another country or present it at a consulate or embassy, we offer you an economical and fast service. Certification of documents is usually used in countries that are NOT members of the Hague Convention Apostille.



The apostille is a simpler method of authenticating your document. With the apostille there is no need to submit your document in any consulate or embassy. Just let us handle your document processing.

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Translation/ Interpretation Services


Our trained staff is fully tri- lingual providing you with accurate translations from English to Spanish, or Creole and vice-versa. Rest assured that we will respond quickly and effectively.  We provide certified translations assuring you that your document will be accepted in any government agency in this country or abroad.


Interpreting services

We provide interpreter service for you during hospital consultations, court cases, real estate settlements and for all you interpreter needs.

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Swearing in a witness for Administrative Hearings

Did you know that Florida Notaries are able to swear in witnesses for Administrative Hearings? Under the “Uniform Rules of Procedure” information of the Florida Administrative Procedures Act, Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, a notary public is able to assist with administering an oath and confirming the identity of a witness for testimonies taken by telephone.

28-106.213 Evidence.

(5) (b) For any testimony taken by telephone, a notary public must be physically present with the witness to administer the oath. The notary public shall provide a written certification to be filed with the presiding officer confirming the identity of the witness, and confirming the affirmation or oath by the witness. It shall be the responsibility of the party calling the witness to secure the services of a notary public.

Our Notaries are at your service!

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